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Tina Walter, 28 years old

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I do not know why I have to pay for when I was free to join me after I did not use the site! Deducted R off my account I charged R80 for the first month of participating on the line service and on Saturday I was deducted in excess of R without my permission. I did not get notification that the month was up, that monies were going to be deducted off my account. There is no scientific approach to dating evidence on their site. Its filled with fake members. They also scam people into a one month period promising you can cancel within 14 days. When you try to cancel and delete membership it doesn't allow you to. They then automatically re bill you and at almost 10 x the amount of the initial months fee.

You took money on my card with out my permission I looked at the complaints below and ist scary how many people complain about the same problem. Your site is not user friendly and I cant find a way be2 dating complaints cancel my premium subscription that I didn't want in the 1st place, you just deducted the This us the third time I have tried to submit a comment. Third time lucky it doesn't just delete itself. I did this via a handwritten text, using very precise legalistic wording. Case closed so I thought. Dec and

A total scam run by a very dishonest company. Not only that it has you on an automated deduction system that does not allow you to cancel without going through a ridiculously unnecessary process ie. I cancelled my credit card just to be safe. Why they are allowed to operate in Australia is beyond me since there have been so many complaints.
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On 1 July I joined Be2 for a 6 mths membership, after not being able to access any real information from the Free trial aspect of the site. I put the membership onto my credit card. I was only signed up for a couple of days when I tried to cancel my membership because the same members where sent to me each day and most were from overseas not NZ as I thought they would be give it is listed as a NZ site and I suspected something was not right. The terms and conditions where hard to find and when I did find them they were contradictory and confusing. I am having ongoing communication with Be2 to cancel my membership as no cancellation code came through when I tried to cancel my membership, which also made me suspicious as well. Although I want to get my money back I would be happy to pay for the few days I did have a membership. The communication I am having with Be2 is less than satisfactory - polite but they are intent on taking my money not for the 6 months I signed up for BUT NOW they are claiming I signed up for a 1 year membership - what utter rubbish. I have since found blogs stating Be2 is a scam - I wish I had found before I committed to the membership. This company has no integrity and I firmly believe this is a scam. I have yet to get any satisfactory solution from Be2.