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Open-plan layouts, noisy environments, too many meetings, pings and dings and distractions: You might not think twice about those things, but you should, because about a third of us are introverts, and improving the environment for a third of your workforce can boost their focus, productivity and creativity, as well as their mental wellbeing. That helps not only them, but your business. Its framing of this key personality trait was a revelation, an empowering one, for a lot of people. Introverts need peace, quiet and solitude, time to focus and reflect, and environments free of excess noise and activity. They get their energy from themselves and being alone. But many are not shy and plenty thoroughly enjoy being sociable, but in smaller groups or one-to-one, or only with people they already know. Extroverts are energised by being around other people, and by activities and their surroundings.

In her bestselling book, Quiet: Susan Cain Quiet Spaces by Steelcase offer five diverse ways to empower introverts at work. Each space supports specific postures, work modes, and expectations for quiet and privacy supported by a carefully chosen range of architecture, furniture, materials and technology. Every quiet space is designed with V. Through andthe Quiet Revolution will continue to add offerings that further its mission, dating for introverts uk for parents and teachers of introverted children, lifestyle offerings dedicated to helping people live a quietly beautiful life—in travel, home design, acoustics and wellness, for example—and more. Learn more at thepowerofintroverts.

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Do you dread meetings? That meeting announcement memo can strike fear into the hearts of even the most dedicated professionals. Introversion is not a sickness. More accurately, we each find ourselves somewhere along a spectrum of introversion-extroversion. A classic introvert preference is aversion to meetings. It may seem justified by the fact that the introvert skill set — one-on-one interaction, confidence to work alone, research and contemplation skills — does not lend itself to a conference room scenario. However, a truly professional introvert will learn to capitalize on those skills not just in their natural habitat, but in apparently unsuitable contexts such as the business meeting. This potential is great news if you worry that your inability to engage with and excel at the meeting process is holding back your career. So we know that introverts have a natural aptitude for research. Extroverts, on the other hand, may think more sharply during the rapid back-and-forth of a brainstorming session.

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