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Kim Gu Ra brought up the dating scandal first, saying that people wondered if the two were actually dating because they worked together so well on 'We Got Married. Regarding this, Yonghwa said, " We do live in the same villa, but different buildings. Yonghwa laughed then said, " Everyone, we really did not date. In relation to Park Shin Hye, he said his parents came to a concert once and were friendly towards Park Shin Hye who was also there. In addition, Yonghwa chose figure skater Kim Yuna as his ideal type saying, " Even looking at appearance alone, I like someone like Kim Yuna.

Hot on the heels of the We Got Married brouhaha last week around the Song Jae Rim — Kim So Eun couple when she poured cold water on the fandom by nixed the possibility of any real life romance developing, another WGM couple is in the middle of an even bigger situation this week. WGM producers had to get involved this time and released a statement that all participants in WGM are required to sign a written oath not to be dating anyone else in real life during the filming because the show is about a virtual marriage and the participants are required to go into it with a sincere heart their words, not mine. The production backed Hong Jong Hyun as signing the oath ergo he could not be dating Nana and therefore violate his written oath while still doing WGM with Yura. So there you have it, another scandal quelled while shedding more light on the WGM experience. I figured the production of WGM required participants to agree to not publicly date someone else in real life while filming, otherwise why cast only openly single entertainers. The producers of WGM, in response to this latest Hong Jong Hyun dating tizzy, explained very clearly that the show requires participants to go into filming with a cnblue dating rumors and genuine effort to put on a virtual marriage. This explanation sorta fits the whole Kim So Eun-Song Jae Rim discussion from last week — sure the show is make believe but there is an element of possibility that the production and cast intentionally dish out to the audience and that element of possible reel to real is what the whole point of the show is. Then Lee Minho must be in one sided love with Park Boyoung because they are friends in public eyes for 8 years.

The agency reportedly confirmed that the duo is just close friends, and are not in a committed relationship. The rumors of Minhyuk and Hye Sung being an item surfaced online with an exclusive insider media report on 11 July. They're the same age and they are close friends. According to the previous Allkpop media reports, an insider, who is said to be an acquaintance of both the celebrities, quoted that both the well known faces of the Korean entertainment industry have been in a serious relation from some time. The associate affirmed:
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Korea is not just about idol boygroups or girlgroups, it has bands with handsome and typical flower boys too. Even though there are only a few bands in the Korean entertainment industry, CNBLUE is among those bands and idol groups who managed to get attention from the public with their charm and uniqueness. Now, are you curious about the type of girls these gorgeous men would like to date? Our leader likes girls that are both feminine and cute. He wants a girl who can understand him and his job well and will support his activities. Yonghwa likes his girl to be independent and good at cooking at the same time.

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