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We also have a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! He says we're exclusive but isn't ready for us to be "official" or in a relationship. I don't understand the difference? Both 30, met on OKC a few months ago and dating since then.

For awhile I bounced back exclusively dating but not official forth between playing the field and not dating at all to focus on my son and myself. At the time, seeing a man one or two times and then moving on to the next was easier for me than anything committal. At a certain point though I grew bored of all the me-time and hook-ups. Without even realizing it, the desire to fall in love again had crept back into my life. Deciding if I want to share my life with someone takes me way more than a handful of dates.

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Sep 15, 8: Millennials are commitment phobes. At first, this logic seems to make sense. By being exclusive with someone, you eliminate all other potential lovers from your life. Therefore, when you see something as innocent as your man dancing with another chick at the bar, you might get pissed. But, are you allowed to be pissed? Instead of facing your problems like a mature couple, you end up playing games like high schoolers. This can obviously go both ways. Jealousy is real, and it sucks.

When my partner and I first got together, I was not ready to lock it down right away. This came about because I was equally tired of both the anxiety of looking for something serious and the dissatisfaction with hookup culture. What I really wanted was something in-between; I wanted the Goldilocks set-up of being exclusive, but not in an official relationship. Ultimately, our super casual relationship did evolve, and we made things official, but I truly believe part of the reason our relationship has gone the distance was that it started off with the intent to keep it casually exclusive. It allowed us to get increasingly emotionally intimate, without the pressure and expectation that naturally comes with the girlfriend title.

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