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Having trouble playing the cams - view our troubleshooting page. Current Ocean Surface Temperatures. With its wide variety of waves and favorable weather conditions throughout most of the year, North Pier attracts thousands of surfers from all over the world every year, along with the hordes of local surfers that brave its waves. That said, the very same factors that make North Pier such an ideal surfing spot also contribute to the unpredictable nature of the place. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and what is a fantastic, wave strewn surf one minute may turn into a smooth, featureless lake of glass the next. More alarming is when the weather turns sour and puts surfers at risk for bodily injury.

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The multi-use pathway spanning the length of New Jersey's Sandy Hook peninsula offers beautiful views of the ocean, as well as shady sections through maritime forest. A bird observatory and wildlife observation decks along the way allow you to take in the natural surroundings. From the trail, you can access numerous beaches in the Gateway National Recreation Area. Each beach offers parking, restrooms, and eateries. At the trail's northern end, you can also see historic Fort Hancock and a picturesque lighthouse dating back to the country's colonial period.
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Pic of the Week. Hi Mark, Mike Decuir here from Texas. I recently bought an Avet HX Raptor from your store and man, what a reel. I just got back from a 36 hour tuna trip that was run out of Galveston, Tx. All I can say is wow, the HX Raptor pulls up fish like a winch. I also caught a very large stingray and again, the Raptor did the job. Thanks for steering me towards the Raptor line of reels.

Take your choice from the many mini-golf putt-putt golf in our are. Playing Mini Golf is always fun for all ages, and it's one of the most fun things a family can do! It is located about a minute drive north of Myrtle Beach. Don't get them mixed up or you will be late! The mini-golf courses are clearly marked with the words "North Myrtle Beach. Kings Hwy. Myrtle Beach, MT. Myrtle Beach