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Mixing Crossfit and dating? I may have set myself up for failure. Out of the group of 12 diverse single men, I was mutually matched up with two they picked me and I picked them , and six other men who I did not choose provided their emails to me in case I changed my mind and decided to contact them first. Let me preface the rest of this by saying I am completely comfortable being single. In fact, becoming single was the best things that could have happened when it comes to my dedication to Crossfit.

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There seems to be a spreading awareness that people who live similar lifestyles tend to be like-minded. Some of these lifestyles might be so specific or demanding that their participants seek only companions who live the same way. For instance, someone who takes part in rigorous daily workouts that include both intense cardio and heavy weightlifting, might be looking for a companion that appreciates the same level of pain and determination to achieve physical fitness. It makes sense when you consider the situation. The ever expanding tendency for these folks to seek each other out has led to the birth of organizations like MeetMindful and Team Dangerous in New York City. T eam Dangerous focuses specifically on producing social events such as mixers and galas where CrossFit enthusiasts from the five boroughs of NYC can meet and interact.
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