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It is the largest of the Dardic languages, and the only language in the Dardic group that boasts an early literary tradition. According to the census, it has 5. Even though Urdu is the official language of the multilingual and multi-ethnic state of Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri is the majority language used as a medium of instruction in primary and middle schools. Many Kashmiris also speak English. Although there has been no definitive research on the dialects of Kashmiri, they are usually divided into two groups based on the extent to which the language is affected by geography and by religious and social differences between Hindus and Muslims, as well as between the cities and the countryside.

Islam is the fourth-largest religion in Ukrainerepresenting 0. Other Chechen muslim dating peoples indigenous to Ukraine, predominantly found in South and south-east Ukraine, practice other forms of Islam. While there is no general governing structure for Muslims in Ukraine, mono-ethnic communities in multi-ethnic regions are served by their ethnic institutions and supported by their international counterparts. The major Islamic institutions supporting communities are found in KievCrimeaSimferopol and Donetsk.

At least two people have reportedly been killed in what appears to be another crackdown on gay men and women in Chechnya. In a video address published on Monday, Igor Kochetkov, head of the Russian LGBT Network , said at least another 40 people have been arrested and tortured in the latest wave. While arbitrary arrests and torture have continued at a lower level since early , it is understood the new reports mark a major new chapter in the affair.
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By Peter Teffer. Last month, the leaders of the European Commission and the European Council and the premier of China signed off on a declaration on climate change and clean energy, at a summit in Beijing. Watch our founder Lisbeth Kirk explain the reasons in this 30 seconds video. Now is the time for decisive action," he noted. The declaration said that the two sides would "further strengthen their bilateral cooperation" on nine areas, including emissions trading, long-term strategies, and energy savings.

The majority of Chechens today live in the Chechen Republic , a subdivision of the Russian Federation. The isolated terrain of the Caucasus mountains and the strategic value outsiders have placed on the areas settled by Chechens has contributed much to the Chechen community ethos and helped shape its fiercely independent national character. Chechen society has traditionally been egalitarian and organized around many autonomous local clans, called teips. The term "Chechen" first occurs in Arabic sources from the 8th century. According to popular tradition, the Russian term "Chechen" comes from the name of the village of Chechen-Aul.

World Exclusive: King Abdullah of Jordan — flooded, like so many neighbouring nations, by hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees — may also now find himself at the fulcrum of the Syrian battle. Final proof of the use of gas by either side in Syria remains almost as nebulous as President George W. Arab dictators are supposed to be deposed — unless they are the friendly kings or emirs of the Gulf — not to be sustained.