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Early Man. Sean D. Pitman, M. Updated October Taking isolated similarities by themselves, the theory of evolution appears to be quite reasonable

I once had a vision in which I was shown a scene during the time of the early dinosaurs. The little dinosaurs were walking through the ruins of what was once a building. It was to show me that at that time a civilization had already existed and gone by. This also implies that the beings who had made those buildings were not humans, because Homo Sapiens arrived many millions of years after the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is still plenty of evidence left on this planet that long before humans arose other intelligent beings had visited this planet, had built colonies and civilizations, and disappeared, probably from the moment Earth was inhabitable. We really have to put that old concept aside that humans were or are the only intelligent species on this planet or in the universe. Humans are recent newcomers on this planet. There were different cosmic races living piltdown hoax dating technique this planet in different time periods.

Reason 1 Genetics is not Evolution's Friend. Reason 2 Statistics is not Evolution's Friend. Reason 3 Biochemistry is not Evolution's Friend. Primitive Atmospheres. Reason 4 Information Theory is not Evolution's Friend.
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Sam Dunsmore November 19, For as long as people have been making discoveries and expanding the breadth of human knowledge, others have been lying about it. Whatever the motivation, hoaxes have led people astray throughout history. Scientists, scholars, and historians can usually spot fakes, forgeries, and jokes rather quickly. However, some hoaxes were so skillfully executed that they managed to trick experts and most of the world for decades. Amateur Japanese archaeologist Shinichi Fujimura had an uncanny knack for finding buried relics. The self-taught archaeologist had investigated more than archaeological sites in Japan. Fujimura discovered evidence of shelters, delicate stone tools, and a cache of colored stones that were , years old. His finds suggested a branch of primitive man in Japan that was far more advanced than any previously discovered.

As I am ever mentioning, the advances of science are constantly giving us a clearer view of the past even causing Mythology to become History as with the Trojan Wars, the legendary Helen of Troy, and the Trojan Horse. But what about these issues and The Bible? People enamored of my mythic art have asked me why I believe the Bible is the world's greatest book and aside from my controversial belief that the literal translation prepared from the Greek and Hebrew for the King James version was secretly re-written in perfect grammatical English by Shakespeare, here are my thoughts on and some illustrations from this, easily the most influential collection of sacred writings of all time to Western Civilization Voltaire died in , but since that time the world has been flooded with millions upon millions of printed copies of the Bible in hundreds of languages and dialects. I believe these are all important facts of history that relate to God's dealings with man, and the provision for mankind's redemption.