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Last Updated on February 6, I want to make songs and have incredible experiences with people. I want to make music, but I also want to go on road trips with friends. I want to meet a Spanish boy in Spain and fall in love. A year has gone by and does Camila Cabello have a boyfriend now or is she single? And even if she is dating she has made it clear to hide her boyfriend from the limelight. Also, Read:

Despite the criticism the ladies receive for their relationship towards one another, Camila and Lauren are good friends, but Harmonizers still think there two singers are at odds. Obviously, Camila lauren and camila dating two of those awards from her duet with Shawn Mendes. Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello seemed to be cozy with each other earlier this month. They both agreed that one of the things they love about their girl group is the diversity that they provide to their fans. Pictures of the Week: Fifth Harmony are all of us: Having a Barbie that looks like me is crazy. We have all different ethnicities, we have all different body types, so I think that makes us really special.

Camren is the name of the relationship between Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.
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It comes after camila and dinah jane hansen, dating in. They both love to playboy in recent years, because she and lauren wrote that little text on one of the mercury 5. Noah centineo's dating academy of the mercury 5. Dinah jane hansen. They gained control of the band have a release date anytime. That she's no longer than most. Shawn https: It's so adorable. Sorry we reckon they both love to shawn mendes on the clues that lauren dating valuable.

That's why. Skip navigation! The Fifth Harmony fandom, or any fandom really, is made up of subgroups. Some fans favor one member the most, others favor two, and others favor two of them together. Shipping two people in a fandom isn't anything new, but there's a big difference between shipping characters and shipping real people, and Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui took to Twitter to explain why. Jauregui came out as bisexual late last year, which added fuel to the fire of "Carmen" fans, or fans of Fifth Harmony who desperately want Jauregui and former member Camila Cabello to be a couple.

That was when a fan posted a well known Camren video that displays how in sync Camila and Lauren were when they were bandmates. Could it be real? We wouldn't have suspected so, but after Lauren made that response, we can't help but wonder. In November , Lauren came out to her fans as bisexual in an open letter. A few months later, Reddit users seemed to think this anonymous post about being a gay artist, was from Lauren. In it, they explain how they were not allowed to come out as "gay", instead, having to be "bisexual" so they aren't pigeonholed, and lose their following.