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Visiting Professional Photographers. Thomas Sharp. John Eastham from Taunton. John Shattock Clift. Philip Monson.

More About Godalming, Surrey. Described by one contemporary writer as one of the smelliest towns in England because of the stench being emitted by the many tanneries in the town, Godalming was once renowned for dating francis frith postcards clothing industry. The town also lays claim to being the first in the country to have public street lighting powered by electricity, and in being home to The Rabbit Woman. One theory put forward by the charity Home-Start is that Godalming attracts Londoners wanting to relocate, and as many of these include affluent older women the town has an unsually high IVF engagement which can often result in multiple births.

As darkness falls, the infantry holding the allied front line sent out raiding parties to judge the situation. Reports bring mixed news, in some areas, such as at Montauban, the enemy are lightly manning badly damaged trenches, but in other areas such as La Boisselle and Ovillers, the enemy remains at full strength. At 9 am the Allied artillery begin a destructive shoot with 80 minutes of intense shellfire. Air photographs from the Royal Flying Corps appear to show good destruction of wire, but wire cutting shellfire was increased with batteries firing at rate of shells per gun per day. Gas is released by the Royal Engineers at at Beaumont Hamel and smoke in other parts of the line.
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Haslingden derives from Hazeldean or Valley of the Hazels. It lies 19 miles north of Manchester in the County of Lancashire. A area at one time noted in particular for its Stone, it also played a big part in the Woollen and then later Cotton Industries from the 18th and through the 19th and early to mid 20th Century It is steeped in Local History and can also boast to have one of the most beautiful Natural Valleys around, where thousands come and visit annually. Michael Hogan ex pat South of France - 26th Feb

Donna Cooper. Just wanted to let you know how much I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your fascinating website. Especially as my Grandma was born in Dolgarrog and although I have visited this village several times, your site has given me a better picture into the life my Nan had growing up there. I have been researching my family for over 3 years now and have built up a website too Donna's feature here is based around her grandmother. She was born about and is on the left of the photo. Its actually a postcard, but there is nothing to say who the other two girls are. I wonder if the photo was taken near the Aluminium works? Can any help by naming the o ther two gi rls please?

London Road Taxidermist, gun and fishing tackle dealer [J. McHardy established a gunsmiths ans, fishing tackle and taxidemist business at 9 London Road in , retiring from business in when the business was bought by a consortium of local business men W. Graham Carlisle Angling Assn. Ad CN CN Memorials of old Carlisle p28 CP Carmichael [in Tullie Hse] showing mill dominating landscape CJ